No title

This post has no title. Why? Because I still do not have a car title.

You may remember my fiasco from last year. Well part of the red tape I spoke of was  trying to get a North Carolina title transferred to a KS title and somehow the KS DMV lost my North Carolina title. I discovered this yesterday when I went to the DMV to get a copy of my title so I could take it over to Missouri to register my car.

I did try to stay calm and collected because I had learned my lesson before. But the following slipped out of my mouth:

“You may think I’m a crazy woman. And I am a crazy woman. But it’s really only because the DMV turns me into a crazy woman.”

They are investigating it today.


Which means I’m only slightly stressed out.

<crunch, crunch, crunch.>

In the meanwhile, I recieved the agenda for Blogher Food in San Fransisco next weekend and I’m beyond excited. 

The problem is, I don’t have enough time to read all these great food bloggers who will be speaking.

I would read some tonight, but I’m going to be too busy trying to cook this recipe tonight for Fire & Wine night with Roomie and DD Girl, using the fiance’s George Foreman grill. 

Ha! Won’t that be a trip.


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3 responses to “No title

  1. janer

    Are you coming to SF??? Tell me!!

    I feel your title pain. I am experiencing small title pain, myself. Made appt at CA DMV to register Gert (*my* Gert 😉 (which, btw, I was supposed to do w/in 20 days of establishing residency by renting an apt, ahem, at the beginning of June, ahem). Got Gert smogged (she passed CA’s strict test, phew), printed out the form from the DMV web site and filled it out, got new insurance (an hour on the phone with AAA), did five CA driver licence sample tests online (figure I might as well spend one super-long afternoon in the DMV office, rather than two medium-long afternoons), and put the money aside for all the fees. Feeling pretty pleased with myself for being so organized, I opened my filing box and pulled out the Gert file to get the MA title … and it wasn’t there. Sat on my bed with a microscope and inspected every piece of paper in that file to see if I could have missed spotting it, but nope, it wasn’t there.

    So on to the MA web site, print out the Request for Duplicate Title form, fill it out, put it in envelope with $25 cheque (*&^#*%&*#*&^* more fees) and paid another $5 to send it priority mail to the MA Registry of Motor Vehicles.

    So now Gert might not be registered in CA until October. Or later, if the MA RMV doesn’t like the way I filled out the form.

    Good luck with your title adventure! Hope you get it sorted soon.

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