What do these two things have in common?

Drinking & running?

Not at the same time, of course. But believe me. There are strange similarities. Let’s discuss.

Badge of honor? Not really. Moving on.

  • Both have the potential to result in a nice “buzz.”
  • Both require endurance and training.
  • Both can cause me to get grumpy.

I have a tendency to get “runner’s rage.” Typically, this happens when I’m feeling really entitled to the sidewalk and I get ticked off by cars, bikes or other pedestrians who get in between me and my final destination. Justifiable? Not at all. It just happens. Tequilla has a similar effect…

And as of yesterday I discovered a new commonality. 

  • Both can cause me to stumble and fall. 

In the case of the great fall yesterday – hard. Sidewalk v. QoQ and trust me, the sidewalk won. I landed on my right knee mostly, although my left knee saw a bit of landage as did my left elbow and the palms of my hands. But the brunt of my weight landed on my right knee.

I was down. 

Gertie was terrified

A very nice man came to my aid. It was nice considering the fact that I was sprawled out in the automobile turn-in for a strip mall on a very busy street. Also, I didn’t think I could move. It wasn’t the scrapes on my knee. It was the knee itself. It didn’t want to bend. Automatic tears started flowing. I was shaking as hard as Gertie. 

After a few minutes of sitting down (after he helped me get up and hobble over to a stoop to sit on), I felt like I could walk home. And I was finally aware of my surroundings enough to be really, really embarrassed. 

At home, I doused my knees in peroxide. (Bubbly. Gross.) And retired to the couch with an ice pack. 

24 hours later, I’m feeling better. There is a yucky bruise on my right knee and I have obtained just enough sympathy from the fiance to merit a few extra back rubs. But I’ll be ok. 

That sidewalk better watch out because it’s ON. It just might be a few days.

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