Surprise. Kind of.

 The fiance’s “surprise party” was about as suprising as finding a four-year-old under the table  during a game of hide-and-go-seek.

But it’s really hard to throw a surprise party when the surprisee has already planned to have people over for grilling out and Rock Band after his fantasy football draft. I guess that’s why the original idea was to have it the night before the draft. But that plan revolved around his roommates helping me set up a party while I took him out to dinner. Only, that was before the robbery and before the move. He no longer lives with his roommates. I didn’ t think Gertie would be much help.

 I figured that the next best option was to make all of our friends big fat liars and ask them to tell him they couldn’t come grill out with him. But the problem with that was half of our friends were in the fantasy football draft and he knew they would be there anyway.

In the end, a few people kind of surprised him. Unfortunately, he was very, very involved in drafting players for his Fantasy Football team when said people arrived at the party. Poor guy. Torn between picking his running back and greeting his guests.

Oh well. There’s always his 40th birthday…

Meanwhile, we did have a great time, despite a lack of surprise. Some of us had more fun than others. (Not mentioning any names, DD Girl. )

Others enjoyed the party way into the wee hours of the morning.  Dude. You people can drink! I’m impressed.

However, Jimmy, I love you, but you have the loudest voice ever. And I have the feeling the rest of you were about as quiet as a group of seventh grade girls at a slumber party. So my go-to smoothing something over gift was very necessary the next day. Dennis the Dentist seemed to appreciate his chocolate asprin and accepted our meek attempts to appologize for any headaches we may have caused.

For everyone else, you were on your own to take care of your own headaches the next day.

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