Things are crazy around here, but I owe you an update from Quirkyville.

We moved! It was a nuts-o weekend, but ultimately, I love our house. Yes, OUR house. Gertie’s, the fiance’s and mine (possibly in that order.) This is totally cheating, because the rest of this post is from an e-mail update I sent the Lunch Bunch yesterday, but who has time to blog these days? Apparently not me.

Here are some promises I can break keep: Coming soon — QoQ has makes her Scottish debut, updates on the wedding at, the fiance turns 30 and we celebrate, wine & fire night returns and I know exactly where the fire extinguisher is and the battle continues – QoQ v. the fleas. Who will win? It better be me, darn it! (Read on to get the back story.)

Here is how the move went down:

Friday – took off work (because I was out of town all week, and not nearly packed.) But still had to participate in a conference call at 9 a.m. At 10 a.m. Roomie and I went to have a last coffee together as roomies down on then Plaza. We were walking back and waiting at a crosswalk when BAM!

 A car slammed on it’s breaks for us, only to get rear ended. Erg. I stuck around to report as a witness, but after 45 minutes, the cops weren’t even there yet, so I left my number and walked back home. At 11:30 a.m., I loaded up my car to take a trip over to the house. Dropped off tons of stuff and then stopped at QT to get gas and pick up some much needed paper towels. Tried to start my car and nada.

It was dead.

Spent two hours having anxiety attack on the phone with A, calling auto shop and arranging the tow. Took a minute to report to the Lunch Bunch my situation. Received call at 4:30 p.m., it was my starter and could be fixed to the tune of $449. (including tow) Drank that night.

 Saturday – Up early, waiting for someone to come get me to start taking stuff.  Managed a freaked out dog in spare time.  Back and forth to apartment several times before A and  the fabulous crew came with U-Haul to load me up. Carried many heavy things down two flights of stairs. Carried more heavy things up into the house.

Snarfed down a few slices of Papa John’s pizza and it was the best thing I had ever tasted. Drank a few beers.

Watched guys try to assemble our beds. Unpacked kitchen. Drank a few more beers. Moved boxes around. Stood and looked at the mess for a while. Drank a few more beers.

Ordered Chinese food. Ate like it was the best thing ever. Looked at blank T.V. because we had no cable. Fell into bed by 10 p.m.

 Sunday – Woke up at 10 a.m. Wanted coffee but had none. Cuddled with stressed out doggy only to find FLEAS!

Freaked out. Kicked dog off bed.

Called vet and was told to bathe her in Dawn soap and spray house. Sent A  to the store and unpacked closet while I waited. Then decided that a walk wouldn’t hurt, so checked out the new ‘hood. Returned and gave poor stressed doggy a bath in our new Jacuzzi bathtub. She was not happy. Fleas went down the drain. Sprayed all furniture. Washed tub. 

Hit up Jimmy John’s for sammies. Ate them like they were the best thing ever. Unpacked the closet some more and made up guest bed. Drank a few beers. Finished up the kitchen. Drank a few more beers.

A’s parents and brother and wife stopped by. Visited with them. Ate leftover Chinese food and konked out.

The end.

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One response to “Cheating

  1. janer

    How exciting … your new life together has begun. Congratulations! All that follows — good and bad — will be shared, which makes it all so much better.

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