Nothing says love like bacon

If I eat anymore chicken in the near future, I will barf. I told the fiance that because I’m klassy that way. And because I’m really, really sick of chicken.

I don’t eat beef (not for any reason other than I’m a freak and I don’t like the way it tastes.) so I’m sometimes limited in my menu options. But my friends at the National Pork Board would probably hope I remember the “other white meat” when planning meals.

(They had nothing to do with dinner last night, but since they were a sponsor at Blogher and they had some nice people there, I thought I’d give them some love. )

Pork on pork sound good to you? It did to the fiance.

We were arguing over the fact that our new home* does not include a washer and dryer. Ok, I was freaking out and he was trying to talk me off a ledge. And I was probably being a little ridiculous, because for seriousness at age 32, I’m not about to return to the laundry mat anytime soon. (ever.)

* Yes, we put the deposit down on our new rental home last night. And  then we decided to move August 29. And yes, I will be in New York all next week. And yes, we may be crazy. Carry on.

Meanwhile, as he was getting more frustrated with my insistence that the end of the world might take place if we do not have a washer and dryer right now, yesterday, in fact,   I was chopping up bacon to fry in the pan.

Conversation escalated.

Bacon sizzled.


But I’m making bacon, I told him with a sly smile.

Suddenly and miraculously, the conversation toned down a notch. I agreed that as long as we could get a washer and dryer as soon as possible, like one of our very first priorities, the world might not come to an end. The fiance nodded with his glazed over eyes focused on the sizzling pan.

Back to the pork on pork action.

Prior to going over to the new house to put down a deposit, I had placed a 1lb pork tenderloin into a ziplock with this awesome Asian dressing from one of our favorite wine bars .

So after the bacon had sizzled and our argument had fizzled, I threw that tenderloin right on top of the bacon.


After two minutes, I flipped it over.


(Pork porn.)

Then I put it in the oven at 350 with the marinade poured on top and a few of the bacon pieces tucked into some breaks in the tenderloin and baked it for about 30-45 minutes. Honestly, I have no idea how long it was because I kept taking it out to test the temperature. Basically, I cooked it until it was 160 degrees according to my William Sonoma fancy shmancy meat thermometer.

Meanwhile, I fed the fiance a fresh baguette served with olive oil and cracked pepper.  It kept him happy and occupied while he talked to his mom and some friends on the phone until the pork was done. 

I served the pork with steamed brocoli and garlic with some butter and salt.

And that is the meal we enjoyed on the evening of which we landed our first home together. It has been requested that the meal be served again as soon as and often as possible.


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3 responses to “Nothing says love like bacon

  1. My friend Jenny

    Hey, I’m excited about your new place…it is stressful moving, but think about all the new memories and new decorating you can do/have. It will be great.

    I’m hungry after reading about the pork tenderloin. I’m going to have to try that.

    Also, do you watch Project Runway? I would think you would like that show. It starts tonight (Thursday) I LOVE Mad Men and stayed up past my usual bedtime to see it on Sunday.

    Also #2…make sure you check out our story up about the woman in jail for bonking her complaining husband on the head with an iron skillet during breakfast. BEST. STORY. EVER.

    Have fun in N.Y.

    Love you

  2. Sounds like you guys needed a good meal and good house news after such a horrible week last week! Hope you get the washer and dryer soon – though you can meet some very nice folks at laundry mats.

  3. Glad the dressing/maranade came in so handy and made your night. The meal sounds awesome & something I would love to try.

    Steak, fish, pork, salads… so cool that our Ginger Soy Vinegrette works on everything!!!

    Thanks for your support!


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