Happy thoughts

After the train wreck that was this weekend, I thought it was time for some happy thoughts…

  • Mad Men started on Sunday.
  • Top Chef starts on Thursday.
  • And at least I still have a television.
  • I have an upcoming trip to the Big Apple and I hope to see one of my new Blogher friends.
  • Barefoot wine is on sale for $4.99 at my grocery store.
  • The fiance and I are closer to our first house together.
  • Gertie is closer to having a yard again.
  • The fiance is going to turn the big 3-0 in a few weeks, finally catching up with me in the 30’s. (Sadly, it’s a race he will never win.)
  • Birthdays mean cake.
  • I don’t bake, but I can buy a mean cake.
  • He doesn’t even like cake, which means more for me.
  • Good thing we have an upcoming move to help me burn off the cake calories.

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One response to “Happy thoughts

  1. Terry Mitchum

    I want a cake.

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