My nerd flew away and left me to be a geek for a week

Yesterday the fiance left for nerdville.  Which was fine with me because he left me his car.

Ok, I lie. I would rather have him here than his car, but if he has to be gone, at least there is a useful element to it.

Last night was night #1 of just me. So what did I do? Well, I cooked of course. To get inspiration, I wandered around the produce section of the store.

Am I the only one who ever does this?

And then I found it. Brussel sprouts! Something I have never cooked before, or for that matter, tasted! I was up for a challenge and what could be more challenging than the world’s most hated veggie? I bought one of those pre-bagged packages because it seemed like a manageable portion and let’s be honest, it had instructions on the bag.

I ran home with my bottle of $4.99 wine. (Did you not read the post about my car? I am not rich, people. I do what I have to. Oh, and it wasn’t bad. It was the Barefoot Shiraz.) I still had some frozen Mahi Mahi in my freezer, so I took that out and thawed it in the sink with cold water.

I found a recipe earlier in the week for potato encrusted halibut, but I figured Mahi Mahi was a similar white fish and it would work.

Basically, you just get instant Idahoan Roasted Garlic mashed potatoes and coat the fish with the uncooked flakes. (You really need to push the potato flakes into the fish pretty well.)  Then you heat canola oil and pan fry it. It is simple and yummy. It also needed a veggie….

Back to the sprouts. So I chopped up some garlic and melted some butter for the sprouts. I steamed them in the microwave for half of the alloted time on the package, then I added them to the butter in the pan and cracked sea salt over them.

Walla! I made sprouts. And they weren’t half bad. I’m not a huge fan of the very dense center of the sprouts, but I could get used to them. Roomie came home and I had her try one. She said they reminded her of asparagus. I didn’t get that flavor, but I can see where it came from.

After dinner, I entertained myself with my new flip cam  which arrived in the mail thanks to my new friends at Frontline (well I’ve been watching the show for five years now, but I met them at Blogher and I won the camera! Woot!)

I’m not close to winning any award-winning documentaries, but I have great footage of Gertie sitting and looking at me. Tonight’s goal is to learn how to upload video to my computer….woo boy. You are going to be lucky readers soon!


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3 responses to “My nerd flew away and left me to be a geek for a week

  1. Barefoot rocks. That and 2 buck chuck are the best value wines I’ve had so far.

  2. It’s pretty darn good. I brought back a case with several varitels from my trip to Indy a couple weeks ago. So far I’ve tried the chardonnay and the merlot. Both were pretty good. And it’s hard to beat 6 bottles of wine for under $20.

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