Hi, my name is Queen of Quirky and I’m a technology addict

I had an emotional breakdown last week when I walked out of a T-Mobile store holding my newly reconfigured Blackberry and it had nothing on it.

No phone numbers, no Web access, no e-mail, no Twitter, no Facebook. It was naked.

I felt naked. And alone. But I couldn’t call anyone because I didn’t have their number.

How did this happen? I asked myself again and again as I pounded my head on the steering wheel. It seemed so simple.

  • Phone had a glitch. (USB Port wasn’t registering that it was phone anymore when I tried to sync it to my computer)
  • Took phone to T-Mobile. 
  • Phone was under warranty so they sent me an exact replica of my phone via UPS.
  • Took both phones back to T-Mobile because Dude promised he’d help me sync up all my data.

But here’s where it went all wrong.

The data didn’t sync because of the faulty USB port on the old phone. Then, the new phone wasn’t registering my Web service plan or either of my e-mail accounts.

And after an hour and a half of working on the phones trying to get the old phone to sync, Dude handed me a naked new phone. He said if I could get it to sync with the last time I backed it up on my computer, I should be okay.

He said by then, the Web should be working again and  the e-mail accounts (work and personal) should register and that by plugging it into my computer, I would magically have everything I ever backed up on my phone.

Ok, that seemed reasonable. I had only added a few new friends to my phone since I last backed it up.

The 20 minute drive back to the office seemed like an eternity. I kept picking up my useless phone, trying to will it back to life.

I don’t even have the fiance’s number, I thought to myself. I can’t even call my mom! (To those who don’t have Blackberries, your phone numbers don’t live on your SIM card like normal phones.)

I sprinted into the office.

Don’t talk to me, I’m having a phone crisis, I warned my cheerful co-workers.

(Who was this person?)

I plugged the phone in and waited for the magic to happen.


Unplug. Plug. Nothing. Unplug. Plug.


I had now entered total melt down mode.

He lied to me, I thought. How could he do that to me?!!!

I sulked into the kitchen because I was hungry and I do not handle catastrophes well when I have an empty stomach. 

The IT manager was refilling her water. Ohmygosh.I’mhavinganemergency; willyouhelpme? (I was literally crying.) I asked her.

20 minutes later, my phone had been restored of most of it’s numbers. E-mail and all Web functions were working properly and I had a full stomach.

And I felt a little silly for falling apart over my phone. Only until later that night when the Internet and e-mail stopped working again, resulting in breakdown #2.

“Oh, A, ” I wailed to the fiance. “My phone is ruined. What will I doooooo? Why does this keep happening to me?!”

The fiance looked at me like a demon had just possessed me.

“Babe. Calm down. It will be okay. You can call T-Mobile tomorrow.”

“NOOOOO But they lied to me,” I cried.

“Well then I don’t know what to tell you because if there is no hope, how can I help you?”

Of course, the next day, he was right. I called T-Mobile and they pushed some reset button on a tower and got my Web and e-mail working again.

I think it’s safe to admit that I have a problem. It’s also safe to admit that aside from trying not to go crazy on the fiance or my co-workers again, I’m probably not going to change much. I’m too busy twittering, Facebooking, texting, e-mailing and making calls on my phone to change.



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4 responses to “Hi, my name is Queen of Quirky and I’m a technology addict

  1. Wow I know just how you feel! Isn’t it scary how dependent we have gotton on those things! I remember when you had to find a pay phone to call people and lots of phone still had dials!
    My daughter went cold turkey nuts yesterday when her charger croaked and she couldn’t charge her phone. I had to talk her down like a jumper! What? No texting?? How will I LIVE????!!!
    Glad it all worked out fine 🙂
    Moon in MO

  2. Oh man, I really need to get a grip, Moon. It was bad. Thanks for sharing the story about your daughter. Too funny.

  3. I’m totally the same way when one of my devices isn’t cooperating. I want it to work! Now! So impatient.

  4. Rachel

    I sooo feel you! I think at this point we’re all pretty much addicted 🙂

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