He will be my Mr. Quirky

It was an amazing weeekend. The fiance and I caught up on sleep. Oh delicious sleep that I have been missing for seven days now. It was loverly.

We also caught a funny/touching movie  with our friend Steve. The weather in Kansas City was so beautiful that when I suggested grilling out after the movie, the fiance didn’t hesitate a beat when he emphatically agreed that yes, that was a fantastic idea.

And it was. 

I couldn’t help but think of that movie, later, because it dealt with cheating. In this case, you kind of wanted to support the cheating because you thought the wife’s spouse had been cheating on her. But do two wrongs make a right?  Is cheating ever ok? No, I don’t think it is, but is there a gray zone? Is everything black and white?

In my story, my ex cheated on me at the very end  and the beginning of the demise of our marriage. No, it doesn’t make it ok. No, it was totally wrong. But it is what it is.

For me, it was the catalyst to walk away for good. No matter how much he begged for me back, or tried to question the integrity of my actions, I knew that I could never trust him again. 

For me, that act was the beginning of a whole new life. A life filled with freedom and new words. See, I couldn’t bring you Queen of Quirky under my old marriage. My ex thought it was tacky to blog, to share your life with “strangers.” Yes, he supported my blog when it was only about running, but to write about life, love and  truth was wrong on too many levels for him. 

When I lost my marriage, I found my voice. A writer by nature, I discovered myself again. And once I had found the woman inside myself, I knew I was ready to find someone to share this amazing woman with. 

From day one with the fiance, he has not only supported my blog, but encouraged it. He knows it is an expression of my heart and a piece of what is inside of me. 

Tonight, he came over for a bit and we fell into a couch laughing together, landing upside down over the back of the couch. It was ridiculously silly and it was probably my favorite thing from the entire weekend. Us, upside down over the back of the couch, wondering how we were going to get right side up. 

Earlier in the evening, I was hanging out at my pool with several young couples who happen to know I have been married before. We were joking about prenups and the guys were teasing their wives about how they should have made them sign one. 

One of the husbands stopped and looked me in the eyes and asked me, “So are you sure this time? Is he the one?”

And without a doubt, I looked at him back with a big ‘ole grin on my face and answered, “Yes. He is the one.”

And he will be the first and only Mr. Quirky.

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