Sometimes you have to give up your crown

I gave away my crown.

Don’t worry. It wasn’t ↑that crown.

It looked more like tiara

It was my favorite piece of swag from blogher. It came from the party hosted by her.

But on the way home from the airport on Sunday morning, the fiance told me that a good friend of ours had been shot during an attempted robbery at her workplace.

Yeah, freaking shot. Like. bang.

In her stomach.

I felt like I had been punched in the stomach when he told me.

But she survived. And I couldn’t wait to see her. As I was thinking about what I could do for her, I kept thinking of the tiara.

I love that stupid plastic sparkly tiara. It made me so happy at Blogher because it was like the crown for Queen of Quirky.

But sometimes someone else needs something more than you do.

What was I going to do, wear it to work? Go running in it? Wear it to the grocery store?

No. I was going to put it on a shelf and look at it occasionally.

But I knew someone laying in a bed, hurting worse than she ever hurt before, wondering, “why her?” needed it more than I did. 

It was just the girly, sparkly, empowering little thing that she needed.

So I packed it up with the Mr. Potato Head I got at blogger and a pedicure kit and gossip magazines that DD Girl and I went in on together.

And when she opened it and exclaimed, “You got me a tiara!!!” the smile on her face made me forget that I ever wanted to keep it at all. She had me put it right on her head, and you know what?

She wore that crown like a queen.

She’s on the road to recovery and hopefully she knows how much we all love her and are cheering for her.



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2 responses to “Sometimes you have to give up your crown

  1. janer

    It sounds as though that tiara has magical healing energy…

    I’m so glad your friend is recovering well. What a traumatic ordeal.

    And I’m glad that your favourite piece of swag found the path to its new (perhaps temporary, b/c this sounds like a tiara on a mission) home.


  2. Wow! I hope she’s doing better. I lost my crown to my 5YO, because it really was hers from the get-go. Great to meet you at BlogHer!

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