The guest blog that almost tricked me into skipping Chicago for North Carolina

Nice work, Jenny. This post almost tricked me into taking a flight on to Raleigh instead of Chicago today. Sneaky sneaky.

Greetings, from Rocky Mount, North Carolina!

This morning, I just about melted when I went outside to run an errand.

It’s only about 80 degrees, so far. That’s nothing compared to some days. But the humidity….let’s just say it’s moist out there.

Most Southerners have a love/hate relationship with the summer months of July, August and most of September.

Schools are out, vacations have started, the beaches are full, cookouts are in full-swing and gardens are cornucopias of yummy veggies.

But the heat…

It can be stifling.

When I was growing up, we didn’t have (gasp) air-conditioning. My father swore our house was too old to take the wiring for central air and the whole house would blow up if we tried.

So we suffered through countless summers, getting the only relief we could in the family room, where my parents installed a single window air conditioning unit.

That we ran during the day.

At night, up went the windows, in went the window fans and away went all our friends to visit someone at a home with AC.

Of course, right after the last one of us went off to college, Mom and Dad got central air conditioning. And the house did not blow up.

Go figure.

Here are some of my favorite things about Southern summers:

  • Going barefoot outside
  • Not having to cook dinner, “because it’s just too hot”
  • You never know when you’re going to get a beautiful evening thunderstorm
  • It’s not uncommon to find tomatoes or cukes on your desk, dropped off by your retired former colleagues, who now garden all day long
  • Buying a watermelon from a roadside stand from the farmer that grew it
  • Sweating it out at a pig-picking cookout, because, it’s just that good
  • Sipping on ice cold sweet tea on a hot day
  • Buying snacks at the pool, because they always taste better from the concessions stand
  • Screaming/laughing kids, running through sprinklers
  • Feeling the welcoming warmth of the sun after walking out of a freezing-cold building (This usually only feels good for the first 60 seconds)
  • Dainty, delicate humming birds hovering around flower beds
  • Kids playing outside until 9 p.m. because it doesn’t get dark until then
  • Huge, frilly hydrangeas everywhere
  • Juicy,drippy, ruin-your-shirt-but-you-just-don’t-care- peaches, eaten right off a tree.

Hope Kansas summers are as fun as North Carolina summers! If ya’ll come through Rocky Mount, NC, be sure to visit me. I’ll get you a nice cold glass of iced tea…..

tomatoesMysteriously, found these tomatoes on my desk yesterday. We’re going to have BLTs for supper tonight!


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2 responses to “The guest blog that almost tricked me into skipping Chicago for North Carolina

  1. I love this because I am a misplaced Southerner living in Connecticut. I love the tomatoes and cukes part – so true!!

  2. janer

    Reminds me of northern New Zealand summers.

    Ahhh… (wistful sigh…)

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