Guest Blog: Shimajiro, My Leetle Quirky Friend

While I’m whooping it up at Blogher, I wanted to make sure you had lots to keep you entertained. So we kick off this series of guest blogs with a post on “progress” from Mamatouille. 

She sent this post all the way over from Japan, so enjoy!

Nobody over here in Japan would ever consider potty-training their kiddiewinks without the help of Shimajiro, a cartoon toddler-tiger with toilet-side cheering Mama and Papa tigers. 

Since we’ve got two little boy beans ages three and one, Shimajiro is our hero (we’ve watched this a bazillion and a half times). There’s no need to be squeamish, folks: Smiling cartoon pee droplets and dancing poo can wiggle their way into your heart in no time. 

His sidekick, Pants Man (complete with star-studded briefs and a cape), also has a place in our home. We’ve got a “Pants Man Progress Chart” (covered in stickers) on the wall next to our own special Japanese (heated-seat) toilet. 

Progress, when your home is full of runner beans named Maffa and Jellybean, is defined by where pee and poo end up – and a wee bit of chocolate-incentive doesn’t hurt either. 

As long as it doesn’t get confused for anything else.


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2 responses to “Guest Blog: Shimajiro, My Leetle Quirky Friend

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  2. janer

    This was great. Thanks! Thoroughly entertaining, engaging, and fun. 🙂

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