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Because I know y’all don’t want to read endless wedding crap

It’s sick, I know, but some people do. They call it wedding porn. So I decided to move the conversation about all that over to my new Quirky Wedding blog where I’ll be talking about planning the most kick-ass wedding of the decade on a budget. Not to mention other engagement, relationship, second wedding stuff that pops up along the way.

Because there are some weirdos out there who actually like to read this stuff. Freaks. <pointing finger at self.>I didn’t want this blog to get bogged down in wedding details.  I probably won’t post nearly as often there as I do here, but please, if you are interested, feel free to visit often and comment. (I love comments!)

And let’s be honest, I’m really hoping someone out there will share their genius ideas for a fun, quirky, budget wedding. So if you have ideas, or want to read mine, come on over and join the conversation. At least let me know where I can see  pictures of your wedding dress, or heck, your entire wedding album <cough. wedding porn. cough.>

We now return to our regularly scheduled Quirkyville.


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Quirky thoughts about engagement

  • It’s really fun to be the girl when you get engaged and then go back to work. Everyone wants to hear the story and you get a pretty ring to show off. They should make a hat or something  to show for guys because it has to be boring to go back to work and say you got engaged. Maybe I’ll get the fiance a special action figure to take around.
  • There are a lot of questions about when/where we are getting married. I think I might start making up some fun stuff and only people who actually think these might be fun will be invited to the real wedding:

 “We are planning a full-on wedding at next year’s Comicon conference. I’ll be married in the Wonder Woman costume.”

“We are having our reception at Pinks in L.A. sometime next year. Hot dogs for all!”

“We thought that we’d just have it at next year’s Lunch Bunch Fry Fest. In lieu of gifts, please bring something to fry.”

“We’ll be getting married at the American Royal Barbecue. Would you prefer smoked pork or beef?”

  • You can really embarrass yourself pretty quickly if you are caught staring at your ring. This happened to me right after we got engaged. I was standing (shoeless) in the casino looking at my hand and a guy came up and asked if something was wrong with it. I exclaimed to him I just got engaged. His friend started laughing and he said, “I was totally trying to hit on you. Well congrats and lucky guy.”
  • You also realize how badly you need a manicure when you start looking at your hand every five minutes.
  • Gertie could really care less, even though my future mother-in-law told her and I told her like five times last night. Hmph.


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The surprise was on me

We surprised Stephanie in Vegas, but it turns out the surprise was on me. 

After we had a few drinks at the bar at Caesar’s Palace, the boyfriend said he wanted to explore. Even though it was past midnight in Vegas, it wasn’t that late for us. I had never been to Vegas before, so I was kind  of excited to see the strip. 

He said we should go over to the Bellagio where they had a fountain show. I have to say, I couldn’t understand what was so exciting about seeing a fountain. But he said it would be pretty cool, so I went. 

But when we got to the fountain, it was too late and it had stopped running. (We did see it the next night and I can see why he was raving about it.) So, he suggested we go over to Paris, Paris to go up in the Eiffel Tower.But once again, we got there to find out that was closed. 

We played a few slots in Paris and I was getting kind of hungry (we hadn’t eaten dinner.) Typical to me, I had worn a pair of very cute but very uncomfortable shoes. I tried to take them off, but then I realized we would have to walk outside and that wouldn’t work. 

So, there I was, tagging along beside the boyfriend, carrying my Miller Light bottle and trying to find new ways to walk that didn’t involve the heels of my feet, which is what I looked like when we found ourselves on a bridge overlooking the strip. We stopped for a minute. (Much to the happiness of my feet.) and the boyfriend started saying romantic things. Awww…we shared a kiss or two.  And all of a sudden, he pulled something out of his pocket.

It was a RING BOX.


Then he was on his knees, saying more things. Something about spending the rest of his life with me.

And there were people cheering and screaming “SAY YES!”

Then I said yes like five times.

And we kissed and there was more cheering.

Then there was this beautiful sparkly ring on my finger and much like the connection between us a year ago, it fit perfectly. 

It was surreal. 

And what do you know? Well, I was engaged and hungry and my feet still hurt. So what did we do?

We found a restaurant still opened and we ordered champagne and club sammies and toasted to us. 

It was probably 3 a.m. But we didn’t care. It was perfect.

I barely slept that night because every time I so as rolled over, I’d wake up and think, “I’m engaged!” 

The next day, there was a blister the size of a quarter on my heel and a ring on my finger.


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Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

I have to apologize. I didn’t tell you the entire truth about my time off last week.  But it was for good reasons…

See, I had a little surprise up my sleeves.

The other Stephanie (see the Cast of Characters at the top to read more about her.) is turning 30 this year (youngin’!) and her husband planned a fabulous surprise for her in…


She knew she was going with him, but she had no idea that her three best girlfriends would be there.

Do you know how hard it was to not tweet, blog or Facebook status post that I was freaking going to VEGAS with my boyfriend to see one of my best girlfriends?!

Luckily no one slipped up. And she was genuinely  surprised when on her first night in Vegas (Thursday) the boyfriend and I walked up and said hi to her in a bar, followed by her college roomie and her man. (She hadn’t seen Shannon in EIGHT years!)

Then, the next day at the pool, her OTHER friend Stephanie (that’s three. three Stephanies in Vegas.) and her husband showed up just in time for fruity drinks.

What a weekend! Poolin’, drinkin’, gamblin’ and eatin’. It was perfect. I can’t think of a better group to hang out with. 

[Edited to add picture of all the girls courtesy of Stephanie #3]

Vegas girls

Once everyone arrived and we convinced Stephanie that there would be no more friends popping up out of nowhere, we spent time gabbing and catching up. It was fun getting to know Shannon and catching up with Stephanie #3 I had met her once before.

Stephanie’s husband had made a reservation for all of us at Mesa Grill Friday night. It was a-mazing. We were all passing food around the table and raving about everything. 

Saturday Stephanie and I went shopping and then we hit the pool.


StephaniesShannon and her man had to leave early, so that left just the three Stephanies. We enjoyed sushi and a Penn & Teller show that night.

[Edited to add a picture of the Stephanies. We are counting ourselves to make sure you aren’t confused.]

I’m so happy that Stephanie was surprised in Vegas and that I could be in on it. But it turns out the surprise was on me…

(To be continued.)

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I am blatantly stealing this phrase from my BlogHer roomie. 

It’s time for a staycation.

Sleeping in.

Hanging out by my pool.

Stopping by my parents’ house to check in on them as they prepare for their move. And then hightailing it out of there when their madness gets to be too much.

Visiting with my Aunt Nancy who is in town.

And in general just relaxing. Not working. Not blogging (if I can help it.). Not reading blogs. Just not. not .not.

I promise I’ll be back next week with plenty of stories to tell.

Stephanie slept in. Stephanie read a book. Stephanie went for a run. Stephanie went to the dog park. Stephanie watched 4 hours of the Real Housewives in a row from her DVR.

Ok, hopefully they’ll be more exciting than that…


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I’m proud to say that I have successfully taken two children on an outing without losing them! But for a moment I did lose my parking ticket for Union Station in my purse. Luckily there was a great big model train to distract the kid while I frantically searched every nook and cranny in my ginourmous bag. And the babysitter was too busy texting to notice. Phew. Found it.

So the exhibit – The Babysitter had read the books and seen the first movie. I was glad for that. The kid didn’t think he had seen the movie until we got into the thing and he recognized it.

It started off a little slow. The first two rooms were setting up the things we were about to see. Luckily it didn’t take too long because I could see we were about to lose a 5-year-old’s attention real fast. But then the doors magically open and the music played and we walked into “Narnia.” The kid was pretty impressed with the fake snow that fell on him. The Babysitter complained because it was cold in the room. (eh, she’s 13. It’s her job to complain.) I reminded her that we were in Narnia. It’s supposed to be cold.

The kid was pretty excited when he realized the White Witch’s throne was really cold. And I was surprised when even The “oh my gosh it’s so cold in here” Babysitter wanted to sit on it.

But other than the throne and a frozen waterfall you could touch, the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe part of the exhibit lacked a lot of interaction for the kid. The Babysitter took the time to read all the descriptions for the costumes and play with the map that lights up the different parts of Narnia. (That was above the kid’s head. But he did enjoy pushing the buttons for a minute.)

She was a little worried that the part about Prince Caspian would ruin the movie for her. But it turns out it wasn’t an issue. I have to say that even though neither child had seen the second movie, we had a lot more fun in this section of the tour. There were big creature costumes to oooh and aw over. You could make your own creature by spinning the bottom, middle and top of a stand with different pictures on it.

Then there was the catapult. A very nice Union Station volunteer loaded up a “stone” and the kid got to pull a rope to throw it into a net. Very exciting! I could tell the kid liked it because he said “oh YEAH.” which is apparently what he says these days when something is fantastic.

We all got involved to build an arch with blocks over a wooden piece. Then, we slid the wooden support out from under the blocks and low and behold they stayed in place!

Finally, the kid got to pull on a sword to feel how heavy it would be. I think he was a little disappointed it didn’t come out of the case. (the point being just to feel the weight of it.)  But I can’t say I was. That was the last thing I needed!

After we exited the tour — conveniently right into the gift store. Watch out! — I quickly distracted the kid from all the goodies in there by asking if he wanted ice cream.


So we went up to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory where he got a very big vanilla ice cream cone AND a bag of gummy bears. (I know. I’m a sucker for a cute kid.)  I enjoyed the birthday cake flavored ice cream and the Babysitter got buttercream. Everyone was happy.

We couldn’t leave without smushing the penny into a design and watching the trains go around.

All in all it was a success. We even saw a real train on the way home. Oh YEAH.

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Gertie and the kid

Last night during our friendly gathering to watch Riftrax, Gertie learned a valuable lesson.

Children are a source of food.

One of my favorite little kiddos was on hand for movie night. He quickly latched on to the idea that I was going to make (eh, burn a little, make a little. It’s all good.) popcorn on the stove.

Recently the boyfriend gave me a giant popcorn ceramic bowl. I lurve it. So did the kid. He pretty much took it over, in fact.

(Ah, a child after my own heart.)

But as he was eating, he would put one in his mouth, give one to Gertie, one in his mouth, one to Gertie. You can see how this quickly endeared my dog to the kid.

I watched, holding my breath as Gertie gingerly took each piece from his hands. She hasn’t spent a lot of time with children and I was thankful that her friendly, non-aggressive manner with adult people seems to be extended to little people.

Good times, good times.

Speaking of good times, this kid I speak of and I are on a mission this weekend.

Yes, his very brave mom is entrusting me with her son for an afternoon adventure to Kansas City’s @Union Station where we will take a tour of the @Narnia Exhibit.

Thanks to Union Station for sending me some tickets. Luckily I have a good friend who will lend me her child for such an outing. Look forward to a full recap of our trip in a future blog post.

Oh, but there is one caveat. She’s sending the 13-year-old babysitter with us too.

And let’s be honest, we all know who the babysitter is really going to have to keep an eye on…

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