Blame it on the dog

Now I know what you are saying. (Especially if you’ve met Gertie)

What did Gertie do to deserve this post?

We’ll get to that.

First, have you ever had a day when you start off on top of the world, then the stress builds, and just when you think  you may be able to conquer stress event #1, stress event #2 hits you like a thousand tons of rocks? Well if not, you’ve clearly never tried to plan a wedding on a budget. Or heck, a wedding at all.

So, after that whole drama (still pending, but pushed off to the side now. Stay tuned to Quirky Wedding for updates and details) the fiance and I thought we should get our minds off it and go grab a drink and something to eat.

We waited for the rain to die off.

And on the way out of the fiance’s uber steep driveway which has concrete barriers along the side, his car scraped the side and his lower fender partially fell off and was dragging on the street.

When he went inside to get his toolkit to try to remove it, he heard Gertie was barking. (Something she rarely does.) It was a steady woof. woof. woof. Logically, he figured she had to go out. Nope. Because I took her out and brought her back in and she was still barking when he returned to put back the tool kit. Apparently, it was from the stress of being left alone with the storms. (She had exhibited signs of stress earlier in the evening)  There was no way we could leave her in that state, considering G-man was home and, well that’s plain maddening.

So here I am drinking a glass of wine and eating a bowl of ramen noodles.

It is totally the dog’s fault. All of it.

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One response to “Blame it on the dog

  1. janer

    poor Gertie! I love Gertie. At least you had wine! Sorry about fiance’s car. Ouch.

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