I spazzed a little

When I was at Molly’s engagement/couples’ wedding shower party (we never could decide exactly what we were doing), and I started talking about my blog and a dude turns around and says, “Do you know the blogger Erin in the Real World?

Um. Yeah!

It’s such a small world. Turns out, dude is one of her brothers and is friends with Molly from waaaaaaaaay back.

Overall, it was an awesome party. Molly’s brother returned her old (huge!) poster of Bruce Springstein’s butt. Apparently, it circulated through Molly’s family when different sibblings went to college. I think Molly was more excited about Springstein’s butt than she was about the awesome barware and kitchen stuff she got from friends. Her fiance looked a little horrified at the large jean adorned cheeks that would more likely be living somewhere in their new home.

Sadly, Kristin did not live up to her infamous drunken toast she gave at Molly and her twin’s 30th birthday party a few years ago. We were all really hoping to hear volume II of “I loooove these girls.”

Well, there’s always the wedding…


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2 responses to “I spazzed a little

  1. Umm, exsqueeze me? Which one?

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