Because I know y’all don’t want to read endless wedding crap

It’s sick, I know, but some people do. They call it wedding porn. So I decided to move the conversation about all that over to my new Quirky Wedding blog where I’ll be talking about planning the most kick-ass wedding of the decade on a budget. Not to mention other engagement, relationship, second wedding stuff that pops up along the way.

Because there are some weirdos out there who actually like to read this stuff. Freaks. <pointing finger at self.>I didn’t want this blog to get bogged down in wedding details.  I probably won’t post nearly as often there as I do here, but please, if you are interested, feel free to visit often and comment. (I love comments!)

And let’s be honest, I’m really hoping someone out there will share their genius ideas for a fun, quirky, budget wedding. So if you have ideas, or want to read mine, come on over and join the conversation. At least let me know where I can see  pictures of your wedding dress, or heck, your entire wedding album <cough. wedding porn. cough.>

We now return to our regularly scheduled Quirkyville.


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2 responses to “Because I know y’all don’t want to read endless wedding crap

  1. aande

    SO EXCITED to read about the wedding. I am bookmarking you RIGHT NOW!

  2. Bea

    Congratulations on the engagement, and have fun planning the wedding! 🙂

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