Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

I have to apologize. I didn’t tell you the entire truth about my time off last week.  But it was for good reasons…

See, I had a little surprise up my sleeves.

The other Stephanie (see the Cast of Characters at the top to read more about her.) is turning 30 this year (youngin’!) and her husband planned a fabulous surprise for her in…


She knew she was going with him, but she had no idea that her three best girlfriends would be there.

Do you know how hard it was to not tweet, blog or Facebook status post that I was freaking going to VEGAS with my boyfriend to see one of my best girlfriends?!

Luckily no one slipped up. And she was genuinely  surprised when on her first night in Vegas (Thursday) the boyfriend and I walked up and said hi to her in a bar, followed by her college roomie and her man. (She hadn’t seen Shannon in EIGHT years!)

Then, the next day at the pool, her OTHER friend Stephanie (that’s three. three Stephanies in Vegas.) and her husband showed up just in time for fruity drinks.

What a weekend! Poolin’, drinkin’, gamblin’ and eatin’. It was perfect. I can’t think of a better group to hang out with. 

[Edited to add picture of all the girls courtesy of Stephanie #3]

Vegas girls

Once everyone arrived and we convinced Stephanie that there would be no more friends popping up out of nowhere, we spent time gabbing and catching up. It was fun getting to know Shannon and catching up with Stephanie #3 I had met her once before.

Stephanie’s husband had made a reservation for all of us at Mesa Grill Friday night. It was a-mazing. We were all passing food around the table and raving about everything. 

Saturday Stephanie and I went shopping and then we hit the pool.


StephaniesShannon and her man had to leave early, so that left just the three Stephanies. We enjoyed sushi and a Penn & Teller show that night.

[Edited to add a picture of the Stephanies. We are counting ourselves to make sure you aren’t confused.]

I’m so happy that Stephanie was surprised in Vegas and that I could be in on it. But it turns out the surprise was on me…

(To be continued.)

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