I am blatantly stealing this phrase from my BlogHer roomie. 

It’s time for a staycation.

Sleeping in.

Hanging out by my pool.

Stopping by my parents’ house to check in on them as they prepare for their move. And then hightailing it out of there when their madness gets to be too much.

Visiting with my Aunt Nancy who is in town.

And in general just relaxing. Not working. Not blogging (if I can help it.). Not reading blogs. Just not. not .not.

I promise I’ll be back next week with plenty of stories to tell.

Stephanie slept in. Stephanie read a book. Stephanie went for a run. Stephanie went to the dog park. Stephanie watched 4 hours of the Real Housewives in a row from her DVR.

Ok, hopefully they’ll be more exciting than that…


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3 responses to “Staycation

  1. amberpete

    That actually sounds fabulous!

  2. Jenny

    That sounds divine…I am so jealous. Please update me on the Housewives. I don’t DVR and just can’t stay up late enough these days…..

    Hope you and Gertie take lots of naps, eat plenty of junk food and watch lots of TV. Isn’t that what makes a good vacation anyway?

    Happy Staycation!

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