The boyfriend was having a mini crisis on the phone last night with some customer service issues as I was cooking up some Jambalaya.

I say there is nothing a lot of hot sauce and a bit of wine (ok reverse that) can’t fix.

And the best part was it was (barfing as I say this) semi-homemade.  If you think that using prepackaged food in a recipe is cheating then you’ve come to the wrong blog, folks.

Look, I had a boyfriend in crisis, a Pampered Chef party to plan for tonight and all the while my DVR was throwing up messages that it couldn’t record Jon & Kate and the Bachelorette at the same time. Sometimes you have to take short cuts.

So here’s what I did:

Boiled water.

Sauteed some snausage.

Dumped the packaged rice mix and seasoning into boiling water.

Added the snausage. (But saved a little bit for a Gertie taste.)

Covered pot with lid.

In same pan that snausage was in, threw in some diced up onions, green pepper and celery. Sauteed with a little bit of salt and a dash of hot sauce.

Threw that into the pot and cover until done. Added more hot sauce.

Then served it to the boyfriend and said: “Jumbaloveya, babe!” (Ok, honestly I didn’t say that. I actually just thought of that today. But NEXT time….)


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