The event in which I walk up to a table full of strangers and say, “Are you KC Bloggers?”

Eh, they looked like bloggers.

<snort.> What do bloggers look like?

Seriously though, I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet some of KC’s bloggers face-to-face. Who says Web geeks are not social?

And, I think we have already established that I’m not shy.

In other news, my post on Jon and Kate has created a little mini-buzz, both here and on Facebook. As a journalist it was drilled into me that if you don’t get any criticisms, you aren’t doing your job right! So I welcome the debate.

For those not on my Facebook page, one reader found the criticism of Kate was too much and that more emphasis needed to be on Jon for the alleged cheating.

Here’s what I had to say:

I wholeheartedly agree that cheating is bad, (I too was cheated on by my ex-husband.) BUT even in my own situation, I have to look at my own actions and say what would have led him down that path?

Additionally, there were other factors involved in my situation, but the point I’m getting at is that when someone cheats, there is often a good reason and if a partner treats another partner bad enough the relationship will get to that point.

I would do myself a dis-service by placing all blame on the other person and not working on myself to be better. Kate too has to take responsibility for her own actions in the relationship.

I think the reason people are being more critical of her is because she has been so mean to Jon on the show. We didn’t watch Jon cheat, so we haven’t seen that side of him.

Ok, so like four people commented on my thoughts on Jon and Kate and I called it a mini-buzz.  That makes me giggle at my own self-importance.

Anywho, you gotta work what you’ve got.  




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One response to “The event in which I walk up to a table full of strangers and say, “Are you KC Bloggers?”

  1. It was great meeting you! I hope you become a regular in our merry group!!!!

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