Yes. I went there.

I shouldn’t be left alone with my DVR for very long.

I just watched last night’s season premier of Jon & Kate Plus 8. 

Annnnnd for the 2 people who are still reading this….

It’s been interesting watching demise of their marriage play out. First on their show (Oh, come on. It’s not like we were super surprised that Jon would go elsewhere to find affection and attention after we saw how Kate treated him*.) and then in the tabloids.

But regardless of how self-promotional and media whorish they have been in the past, divorce sucks. I can’t imagine if I’d had cameras in my face when I was going through my separation. Good gracious, I was a hot mess. (Picture: a bottle of wine in one hand, a pile of tissues on the couch next to me, both dogs in my lap and a constant stream of texts to anyone who would listen.) 

I also didn’t have eight kids to tote around. It was pretty easy to ship the dogs off to doggy day care in my time of crisis. 

Couple all that with paparazzi chasing you, tabloid rumors and a celebrity-like image to hold together….woah. I just had a Facebook profile and twitter account to hold together. 

But like many others out there, I watched the show. Ouch. I don’t know how much worse it can get. 

*Ok, and I know Kate has been really, really hard to watch on that show. As someone who has a critical side, I watch her and cringe. She is everything I don’t want to be. And she’s everything I turned into when my own marriage fell apart. A critical, loathing, hateful, nagging creature. And maybe I had very good reason to be all those things, but I hated myself for it.

No, we don’t know the whole story. No one does. They never will. Anyone who tells you they have the entire story of their divorce is full of it. Because trust me. There are 5 sides to every tale. But what we do know is that there is a family in pain, trying to fake it for national television. There are eight beautiful children who will hurt and then later will watch their pain unfold on old reruns of a reality TV show.  

And I just DVR’d it.


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5 responses to “Yes. I went there.

  1. no2marriage

    I feel bad for him, i don’t watch the show because i like more upscale things like South Park and Girls Next Door.

    But back to the idiot who let his wife have 8 kids. I don’t care who you are, if you had to pay child support and God forbid alimony for her and those 8 crumb crunchers, there’s no way! IDIOT!!! What was he thinking? She’s not even hot, he can’t even play that card, no ole Jack-Me-Chan had to have 8 kids with a barely average woman.

    I’m revoking his Man Card, effective immediately.

  2. Ashley Smith

    Wow…”critical, loathing, hateful, nagging creature”…that’s an awful lot of judgment on someone you don’t know.

  3. Thanks for the comment Ashley. I appreciate all comments and especially the opportunty to clarify my thoughts. Here’s the deal, the harshness/tone of the statement was more directed at myself in my own failed marriage, but the sentiment toward Kate remains the same.

    Because she has put herself on a reality show, I can only go by what I observed during episodes. What we see on the show is:
    1. She is critical of Jon – both in interviews and in “action.” The example that comes to mind is the episode where they did some Christmas shopping at Toys R Us and Jon was dilly dallying – basically playing at a big toy store with his eight chilldren. Kate is very much about getting things done, but in that moment, Jon was having fun and she openly criticised him loudly for all to hear.

    2. Loathing & hateful – in many of the “couch interviews” her words and body language show she appears to hate her husband. It may not be a conscious thing, but it is very evident that in those moments she does not like him at all.

    3.Nagging – she nags. That’s what she does. The episode that comes to mind is when Jon is upstairs painting the older girls’ room and one of them continues to go upstairs to hang out with dad. Kate wants none of that after she discovers that the sheetrock dust is being transported back downstairs. She spends the entire episode yelling up at Jon for letting the daughter hang out up there. Let it go! You can vaccum up sheetrock dust, but you can’t make up for time spent with Dad.

    So yes, Kate’s on-show actions merrited those crticisisms, but I would not have thrown them at her had I not seen ALL of them in my own past actions. Luckily for me, the cameras were not rolling.

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  5. Ashley Smith

    Okay, then to clarify my statement, it had nothing to do with Jon and Kate and everything to do with the public. To me, the saddest part of the story is not whether Jon cheated, or whether Kate “deserved” it, but how people have reacted to their story. I guess I just see two average people who probably started out trying to do good things for their family and have ended up with a lot of unintended consequences. And now America has jumped in to offer every opinion about how they’re bad parents, or she’s psycho wife, or he’s deadbeat dad…or they’re greedy and fame hungry. People have assumed the worst about them and almost seem to be rooting for them to fail. I just wish we could be more empathetic and compassionate; there’s 8 kids involved for pete’s sake. There’s not a house in America in which cameras couldn’t catch things that the people living there wouldn’t be proud of. Yes, they did voluntarily commit to the show, but if I had a family of 8 to provide for and the opportunity for some decent income came up, it sure would be difficult to turn it down. Hindsight’s 20/20, but who could know that the show would become so successful that it would become a target for paparazzi? I guess I just think it’s sad that because someone’s in the public eye, they deserve to be judged by the rest of us. The whole reality entertainment arena just confuses things because the players are “famous” just for being who they are and living their life, not for having a particular talent (which warrants judgment).

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