Happy Hour

This is the tale of Queen of Quirky and DD Girl who both had  time off work on a Friday. They enjoyed lunch, a store full of shoes and decided a cocktail was in order.

While they were sipping on tasty sangrias, they heard a thud and looked up to see a bucket of paint falling from scaffolding across the street.  They looked up higher and realized that the scaffolding itself had partially fallen. Two men held onto a window ledge while another hung onto the last rope holding up the partially fallen scaffoding.

Queen of Quirky called 911. DD Girl ordered another round of drinks.

Meanwhile, they watched 8 fire trucks and 1 EMT unit show up. Luckily, the two on the ledge, had the foresight to kick in a window and crawl in.

More than 30 minutes passed before the last man was pulled to safety.

Queen of Quirky was more than happy to give a few media interviews to the swarm of reporters that rushed to the scene. They were impressed with the use of twitter to report the story.

All in all, it was an unforgetable happy hour. Luckily, no one was more seriously hurt.

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