Brown noser

I spent the majority of yesterday reaching for a tissue -(aha A.P. Style and your brand-specific rules about certain products. I chose not to play!) and/or using a tissue.

This led to a discussion about my nose piercing, which two of the work girls (the newest ones) were unware of. Which then led to the standard question of “if you took your stud out, would snot come out that hole too?” Geez Louise, it’s not akin to a whale blow hole…but….then again…maybe? I don’t know. Not something I’m really planning on trying soon.

On a similar disgusting note, when I woke up this morning, I noticed there was a layer of dirt right below my piercing. Did that get there overnight? How long have I been walking around with nose crud? Am I a dirty person? Ew.

I spent about 10 minutes washing my face/nose this morning.

On further consideration of the subject of noses, I filled Gertie’s Kong with peanut butter last night. (Thanks to roomie’s supply because anyone who knows me knows I am unAmerican in my hatred of peanut butter.) Gertie went nuts. Unfortunately, she chased her Kong under the furniture about a bajillion times requiring me to get off the couch and fetch it for her. Boy, I really have some dustbunny’s going on down there. That dog has me so trained.

This nosey post is brought to you in lieu of what I really wanted to write about but can’t. Sometimes being this public has its downside.

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