Signs of spring/summer

  • I can no longer go for a quick two-mile run without needing an entire body/sweat fumigation.
  • Gertie continues to stink despite her bath. She also continues to shed fur faster than I can put on a Wonder Woman costume.
  • Gertie and I almost took out a group of tourists who were walking in a mass herd on the Plaza the other evening. It’s not my fault Gertie is terrified of buses and that a city bus just happened to be passing right then…
  • Even though he/she isn’t going to be born until fall, my brother FINALLY announced to the blogosphere that I’m going to be an aunt. Ok, he didn’t put it that way. I think he said something about how he and his wife are going to have a baby. I actually wasn’t mentioned at all. An oversight, I’m sure.  Meanwhile, I’ve been developing a collection of awesome rocker baby onesies, loud noise making toys and other “bad influence” auntie things.
  • I saw the ice cream man at lunch and I almost stopped him. But I don’t think he takes debit.
  • I received my first seat-belt metal thigh burn the other day in my hot car.
  • Even though I saw the muddy, nasty water, leaves and sludge at the bottom of the pool as they uncovered it at my apartment complex today, I know I will be jumping into said pool in a few weeks. There is no looking back, folks.


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5 responses to “Signs of spring/summer

  1. Wow! Congrats on the auntie thing!

  2. Artie Lange

    You know what you should get the parents of your nephew-to-be, this book called Baby’s First Tattoo. It’s a baby memory book but very tongue in cheek.

  3. Artie, I mean Chris. 🙂 That’s an awesome idea. I’ll add it to my list. I already got them this funny book called the baby handbook.

  4. Jenny

    You have to get your nephew that Wizard of Oz song book you got Thomas when he was little! I don’t know where you found it, but it was his favorite book for years. After Thomas outgrew it, I passed that book onto a friend’s little one, thinking I wouldn’t need it for another child. Now that I just had Emma, I wish I’d kept it! It was the best book ever. It had all the words to the songs and you pushed the button to the corresponding song hear the accompanying tune. Thomas would pick it every night and it was like reading a lullaby!

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