It’s a hard pill to swallow

074 One day you wake up and you realize that your 31 year-old daughter is posing as Wonder Woman at a local comic book store. And you wonder where you went wrong.

But  you show up anyway. Because maybe it’s not what you think.

But it is.

And so much more (skin is showing.)

So you smile and take the picture. But an intervention is being planned…

(Thanks for coming, Mom! Happy early Mother’s Day! I know I make you so proud!)


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5 responses to “It’s a hard pill to swallow

  1. Jay

    Do you also have magical powers, Steph?
    So cute!

  2. dg

    Heh. Poor Terry…

  3. This makes you Hypolita – Queen of the Amazons!

  4. That’s awesome! I was WW when I was about 7. your bracelets are way better!

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