Big Fish in a Small Sea

Editors Note: Also written on the plane ride home from Fayetteville.

Hands down. My old radio boss is awesome. He invited me to be a co-host on his morning radio show in Rocky Mount. It was so worth getting up at 6 a.m. on my “day off.”

 I’m not going to pretend that Rocky Mount is a major radio market. Or, that I’m even that entertaining. But it had been too long since I felt the high from being in the spotlight, and the bad hair from wearing headphones.

 During our his show we discussed:

  • Kansas City v. North Carolina Barbecue
  • North Carolina v. Kansas sports (Rock Chalk)
  • How a girl from Kansas ended up in Rocky Mount in the first place
  • DP’s propensity for setting a huge fire in his converted gas to charcoal grill. This conversation led to the county Fire Marshall calling in to give him a lecture on fire safety.
  • Twitter and Facebook. (I was tweeting during the show.)

 Then we had some interviews to do. I was so excited that DP was going to let me do part of the interviews. (When I worked there, I was the news director, so doing interviews was what I did best.)

 But nothing is ever free in life, folks. There is always a price to pay.

 The first guest was a urologist to talk about prostate exams, in promotion of an upcoming free screening event. Here’s how that conversation went down:

 Me: Can you dispel some of the myths about a prostate exam?

Dr.: I’m so glad you asked, Stephanie. (Longish explanation about the blood test that checks for prostate cancer.)

Me: So, really it’s as simple as overcoming the needle then.

DP’s other co-host: Needle?!

DP: Laughter

Me: In the ARM.

 We also discussed the swine flu. DP suggested I wear a mask on the plane home. I said I wasn’t going to do that, but I might invest in some hand sanitizer. (As I write this from the plane, I have to admit I kind of wish I’d invested in one. While not the most fashionable accessory, my hypochondria is kicking in. Here I am sitting next to a soldier on his way home from being deployed in Iraq and all I can think is, “I hope he didn’t bring any germies back with him.”)

 Sometime in the show, there was a caller who said it was glad to hear me on the air again. I’m not sure it that was just a little bit of Southern hospitality or he really recognized me, but it sure made me glad to be a big fish in a little sea for the morning. 

 To continue on my Rocky Mount media tour, I stopped by the newspaper to have lunch with my friend Jenny. She’s now a new mommy to a beautiful three-month little girl. I had to ask her how her nine-year-old is adjusting to the transition. (It’s very hard for me to believe the child is nine now, considering the fact that it seems like yesterday I was babysitting him before he could talk.)

 Well, she said. He’s handling her well and is a great big brother. But there was a time when he wanted to go to the skateboard park and he seemed a little put out that little sister was going to be along.

 Why can’t we just leave her at home in her swing? He wanted to know.

 That made me laugh.

 Ok, someone just sneezed. I’m going to put this computer away and find my hand sanitizer. Stat.

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