An interview with Roomie

I  thought it was time for you to meet Roomie.  Please don’t be jealous because I have such a fabulous roommate. You can always come hang out with us…


1. It’s no secret that you and I didn’t know one another before moving in. What was your biggest fear?

You being an obsessive neat freak or a light, finniky sleeper.
2. If you had to pick a Housewife that I am most similar to, which one would you pick and why?

Ramona: Bubbly, energetic, and viewing life with wide eyed excitement.

3. On Sunday Gertie ate one of your book covers and she wrote you a note to apologize. What would you say to her in response?

Gertie. Really.

4. What is your least favorite thing about our apartment?

The loud grindy noise outside that wakes me up. Still haven’t figured out what that is.

5. What is your favorite thing about our apartment?

Our patio view.

6. What did your family think about you moving in with a virtual stranger (hi, Vicki!)

Well….just be careful.

7. What is the quirkiest thing you have ever done?

Purchased several seasons of the Golden Girls and watched them repeatedly.

8. We should have a code word for nights where we need Mexican food and Margarittas. What should that be?

Granola and Green Tea 😉

9. This summer we should have a code word for hot guys at the pool. What should that be?

Red Suzukis.

10. If our lives were a sitcom or a chick flick, what would the title be and what would the show be like?

The Real Roommates of 114B. Two fabulous girls and their fabulous circle of people.

Um, fantastic really — Granola and Green Tea anyone?

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One response to “An interview with Roomie

  1. Vicki Welch

    We are thrilled that you and Erika are roomates. This couldn’t have worked out better!

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