If I were grilled, toasty and delicious

paniniI remember the first panini I ever sunk my teeth into. I was in high school and a there-one-day gone-the-next fancy shmancy Italian restaurant opened up at Town Center near my house.

It. was. heaven.

Hot melty goodness and flavors I had never before tasted together.  This was no Subway sandwich. This was serious.

A few weeks ago as I arrived at the boyfriends house, I was informed of the following:

The Boyfriend: G-man and I were discussing the fact that if you were grilled, you’d be a Stephanini.


What would you be?


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4 responses to “If I were grilled, toasty and delicious

  1. aande

    Yum- everything is better toasted on the outside and melty-cheesy on the inside! I’m hungry now.

  2. Nicole

    What was the place? Not La Dolce Vita? I loved that place. Any by the way, I think that you’d be a Stephanini as well.

  3. Nicole it was La Dolce Vita and I think you were with me!

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