The sushi train is evil

And other Terrible  Terrific Tuesday thoughts:

  • The sushi train is an evil, evil thing that makes you eat far too much sushi and then when you are full, taunts you by passing by with your favorite thing in the whole wide world. (It doesn’t matter what it is because if it goes by on the train, it is always your favorite.) Thanks for the invite, DD girl! I’ll ride the evil train with you any day.
  • When the waitress came to count my plates, she told me “good job.” Either I’m a ginourmous pig, or she was genuinely proud in the way you are when a two-year-old eats broccoli.
  • I ran out of my super potent Secret deodorant today. So I put Mitchum under the other arm. This is causing me to feel off-kilter. And I keep catching a wiff of two scents. Not cool.
  • The work girls are running to Jimmy John’s for lunch. I brought my lunch, but I couldn’t resist requesting one of their GIANT pickles. Yurm.
  • I leave on Tuesday for a work trip. I’ve been driving around with my suitcase in my backseat (What’? That’s not normal? It seems like a perfectly good storage space.) and it’s now covered in Gertie hair. I do not look forward to the lint brush session to come.

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