If only I’d had that lasso…

Wonder Woman - Lynda Carter

The boyfriend went to Comicon on Sunday and well, he bought me a little something. Little as in the amount of skin it will cover…. Something as in a hand-crafted Wonder Woman costume.

Oh yeah!

Apparently being a super hero fan is hot these days, and while I’m not a tried and true super hero fan, I can play dress like one.

Halloween next year is covered.

And the occasional event throughout the year where a Wonder Woman costume may be in order. You never know…

I’m not going to lie. I’m totally digging the super hero thing.

Lunch Bunch Kevin wrote:

Is this a Halloween costume or for when the boyfriend is feeling like a villain?

Wouldn’t he like to know.

It’s just too bad I didn’t have Wonder Woman’s truth lasso when I was married. Maybe some things would have been revealed and I’d have found the boyfriend sooner…


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2 responses to “If only I’d had that lasso…

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  2. My word, Lynda Carter was tiny in that costume.

    Ditto on the lasso of truth–might’ve saved me four years and several thousand dollars from my first marriage….

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