My peeps

I love my peeps. And you should too. (Not in a weird cyberstalker way, but in a wow, QQ has great peeps and I want to read about them way.)

Lately, I’ve become accutely aware of how much my friendship with DD Girl means to me. She is a friend I inherited from the boyfriend. Over the past nine months, she has become one of my besties. She is smart, funny, geeky and totally gets my humor.

Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.

Holy cow. I just blogged the Brownies song. That just happened.

And then there is Roomie. You may recall that we really didn’t know one anotherprior to the move. In fact, we met one time prior to moving in and that was to look at the apartment. My apartment manager is kind of abrasive, so I just acted like Roomie was one of my best friends and that we’d known eachother forever.

There was one awkward moment where I asked Roomie about a piece of furniture – it was a question that if we really were friends, I would have known. Our aparment manager paused from her sales mode and was like, “geesh, don’t you know that?”

Uh…yah, yah. I just forgot.

I thought I really liked living alone, but you know, it’s kind of nice to have someone to spend time with, especially when that person is as sweet as Roomie.

And while Molly’s certainly not a new friend, but it is worth mentioning that she recently asked me to be her guestbook attendant at her wedding.

Her proposal was quite amusing as she clearly felt bad giving me what she considered to be a “lame wedding job.”

But it’s actually not lame because they are doing something  really unique with the guestbook. I will be taking Polaroid snapshots of every guest which they will sign.

Molly said she couldn’t think of another friend more suited for the task. So I said I’d be happy to do the job if we could call it something other than Guestbook Attendant.

I am officially the Director of First Impressions.

Last but not least, the new season of My Boys starts tomorrow night and that means getting together with the girls over a coffee table piled high with  junk food.

And that, bloggy friends, is an update on my peeps.

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  1. Elle

    I’ve just recently re-ofund your blog and I’m so glad I have. Will be catching up on it this evening 🙂

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