Love is in the sphere

As in the blogosphere. (Is that word even cool anymore?)

Ok. It took me a while to figure this whole thing out, but here’s the best way to explain.

There’s this really cool single mommy blogger called Mommy Pie. 

Three months ago, Mommy Pie met boy. And somehow boy met or connected with Mommy Pie’s bloggy friend, Marcy.

So Marcy asks for all the bloggers to make their own posts about love/marriage/engagements and to link up to her post which ultimately links up to THIS blog.

Isn’t that sweet?

And she said yes, yada yada and now she’s overwhelmed and excited and giddy and all that good stuff.

Meanwhile, I’m sitting here stuffing my PMS face with these $.99 sugar-coated fruit slices and reaching for a tissue because this love stuff making me weepy.

Oh crap.

So now I guess I’m supposed to write about love and stuff. Because all the cool kids are playing.

But I don’t know what to say.

I’m in love.

With this amazing man. And we’re just doing our thing and figuring it out.  Which is to say: caring for and supporting one another. And making one another laugh. (A lot. ) And talking and listening and being random and having fun and spending time. (A lot.)

Because I guess that’s just what you do. When you are in love.


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3 responses to “Love is in the sphere

  1. Justin

    Re: the term “blogosphere” – While blogs are lovely, and I read many of them, I’m not not sure the question is whether or not the term “blogosphere” is still cool. I would respetfully submit that the true question is was it ever cool.

    My answer is “no.”

    As to the notion of Web 2.0 proposals…I can appreciate creativity and the tremendous amount of thought and effort that went into this. This took way skill and creativity than old uncreative and cliche standbys (e.g. fancy schmancy restaurant with ring hidden in some sort of foodstuff, bottom of Christmas stocking, picnic on beach, etc.).

    However, I strongly object to this proposal on the grounds of lack of actual human contact. Take all that creative energy, and channel it into a proposal that allows you to look her in the eyes when she figures out what’s happening, and share what I’m sure is an amazing kiss and embrace.

    I love me some internets, but I still like human interaction.

  2. Justin,
    I agree that in most cases a proposal online would be lacking the face-to-face experience (kissing, embracing, wiping of tears etc…) However, in this case, Mommy Pie’s blog was such a huge part of her life and such an obvious fun way to make a proposal special. Plus they connected on Facebook , so it was really fitting for their relationship.


  3. Justin

    Oh, I’m sure it all makes perfect sense and is most sentimental and clever and sweet. I have no doubt. I veto in principal…the principal of actual human connection.

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