The Hunter

A while back, I posted about this tool.

Last weekend, I inadvertently had another tool run-in. Actually, my friend DD Girl did. But I was with her, so it counts.

Here’s how it went down:

DD meets Dude at friend’s birthday party. (Friend of friend kind of thing)

Dude seems nice, attractive and has a very respectable job. (I’m not saying that career is the only thing of importance, but  this guy’s occupation was something that most people would find admirable.)

Dude engages in a nice chat with DD about their respective jobs, this place we are in etc… He is clearly giving out vibes to DD that he’s interested.

Suddenly, I spot my family doctor and dash off to hug her.

DD and Dude end conversation because it seemed like a nice breaking point.

Later, DD runs into another friend who witnessed her chat with Dude.  DD mentions how nice he seemed and her friend gives her the ultimate female to female warning: STAY AWAY.

See, Dude has a bit of a reputation among his friends. He has given himself the nickname: The Hunter. And, he has been known to call women his prey.

There are a few terrifying things about this experience:

1. Dude seemed by all accounts normal. By association alone, he was earning brownie points.  He was a friend of one of my very respectable friends, and his aforementioned job was respectable. He even had a KU shirt on! (Ok, I’m kidding. We all know you can’t assume a guy is all right by his fan loyalty, but still.)

2. Dude did not give off the typical “creepy” vibe that us girls are used to looking for.

3. Dude could be any guy.

It’s sad really. Have you met Dude or any of his kind? Please share.


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2 responses to “The Hunter

  1. Sarah

    Hey! Love your blog…you’re such a great writer.

    HAD to response…yep, know dude, DATED dude for a year. Yikes! Very respectable, very chamelion (the lizard…not sure how to spell).

    Was he from Topeka? If so, probably the same one 🙂

  2. Aww thanks, Sarah!

    LOL about Topeka. You know, he just might be. I can’t remember if he claimed local roots or Topekan roots, or any roots at all besides DBian.

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