Naked Barbies and other observations

  • I’ve always wanted to start a post with “naked.”
  • At the St. Patty’s Day Parade, there was this adorable little girl behind me holding a naked Barbie and another toy. Later, when I turned around, I noticed she no longer had the Barbie, so I asked her where the Barbie was. Her dad answered- “She’s in my pocket.” Then he turned around and showed me  the back pocket of his jeans. Low and behold there was naked Barbie along with another Barbie I hadn’t yet met. She wasn’t technnically naked because she had a bikini of sorts painted on her. I wonder if visions of naked Barbies in his pockets entered his head when he heard the words, “It’s a girl.” Probably not.
  • I’ve been  having spontaneous desires to hug children lately. Does that sound creepy? It’s not meant to be. They are just so cute!
  • It’s official. Gertie likes Roomie more than me. Proven last night during couch time when Gertie opted to snuggle Roomie rather than with mommy. They grow up so fast…
  • Roomie’s vodka penne is far superior to mine. FAR.
  • In fact, if you walked into our apartment right now, you could still see the bowl that I practically licked because it was so good. Also because after eating so much pasta no one was feeling up to dishes so we made a pact not to. Although we didn’t establish a cut-off time for that which could be problematic…
  • This morning I was tied for first with two others in the office bracket pool. Eek! It probably won’t last long.


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2 responses to “Naked Barbies and other observations

  1. You canNOT blog about vodka penne and then not put either yours or your Roomie’s recipe. Technically not allowed.

  2. Hey Abigail,
    I know. The recipe came from a Semi-Homemade cookbook by Sandra Lee. And I actually googled it to see if I could find it online, but it wasn’t there. However, it was very similar to the Rachel Ray recipe I have used before –
    The biggest difference was it used a jar of pasta sauce instead of the crushed tomatoes with shallots and garlic and it used pancetta which made it so yummy.

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