• Day five of the smoke out. I don’t even want to talk about it. The mere mention of smoking and you may get punched out.
  • I pinched a nerve in my neck and I can’t turn toward the right at all. I feel like a robot.
  • I blame this on two days of laying in bed sick.
  • Gertie wasn’t complaining.
  • She is now at the boyfriend’s parents’ home where she is probably in the bed right now.
  • The boyfriend’s mom blew up her microwave today. So she unplugged it.
  • It makes perfect sense to me. I like her style.
  • I now understand the decibels that the boyfriend can reach when he yells at KU on the TV. Between him and his father, I heard it in stereo tonight.
  • Today is Justin’s birthday. I am supposed to be coming up with an art gallery in the Crossroads district to visit during our night out on Friday. I’m at a loss. But I purchased a cute new cardigan to wear. That has to count for something?


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2 responses to “Neat.

  1. hang in there on the smoking, I remember what it’s like!

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