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Runners who smile

I’m sure I’ve been guilty of it. But to the runner on the other end of that smile, there is something jarring.

Some thoughts that go through my mind when I pass a runner grinning from ear to ear:

  • I have a booger and/or snot dripping from my nose.
  • My dog is having an accident as we run.
  • My shorts are falling down (again.)

I’m sure the runner had good reason to smile today as I passed her twice (I’m not fast. It’s a circle and we were going in opposite directions.) but it unnerved me.

I guess I was just ticked off that there was a runner out there tonight who wasn’t in pain.

Just act like the rest of us miserable schmucks huffing and puffing in mid February. You know, those of us who kind of gave up running for a few months because it was too cold and slick and we would rather curl up with a glass of wine and The Real World or some other mindless crap.

I don’t smile until at least May.


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Trust me, it’s better than therapy

I have so many things to tell you, including the announcement of the Valentine’s Day gift from the boyfriend, the tale of the never ending Rent viewing party (Otherwise known as how I played sloppy seconds to Justin who led me to believe I was the first friend he was going to share in watching his copy of the last performance of Rent on Broadway) and reasons why watching a movie in 3-D is not necessarily the best hangover cure.

But I digress. I’m out of time. Totally busy with a list of things to do a mile and a half long. (That reminds me, I need to run tonight…)

So I leave you with a recipe.

Because it’s Monday.

And because one of the work girls had a baby shower today and I made this last night and people said they liked me it.

Queen of Quirky’s It’s Better than Therapy* Spinach Salad

1 large bag of baby Spinach

1 container Feta (I buy the largest one available b/c I love feta and think the more the merrier)

1 cup (or so) of Cherry tomatoes halfed

½ red onion diced


½ cup EVOO (Yes, I said it.)

1 cup balsamic vinegar

1 tablespoon of Italian seasoning (McCormick’s makes one in a grinder that I think really enhances the flavors, but you can just buy the regular kind too.)

Salt/pepper to taste (I go pretty heavy on the pepper and use sea salt)

1 teaspoon garlic (And maybe a pinch more b/c garlic is equal to happiness.)

A little parsley

Pour everything together and whisk or shake or both

Pour over spinach mix and toss shortly before serving.

Note: Leftovers of this salad are divine over linguini. The feta melts in with the dressing to make a rich and lovely sauce. This salad is also good as a meal served in pita pockets. You could spread a little hummus in the pita to make it more interesting.

* I had a therapist who swore by this salad. Not even kidding. I wish I was.



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Some kinda Chicken Parm

Oh boy.

Thinking I was free and clear of kitchen disasters, I got a little cocky.

Imagining yourself as a culinary goddess who can whip up some tasty cuisine, whilst pouring your boyfriend a glass of wine for a relaxing evening on the couch with a movie is a bad assumption.

At least when you are me.

Last night I set out to make herb chicken parm. I texted him that dinner was at 8. I then went for a run and came home to start prepping. I thought I had it all timed perfectly.

But this is the scene he walked into:

Me: Still in work out clothes, dripping sweat.

The microwave is beeping because the sauce is done cooking. The pasta is boiling  over vigerously. The chicken is sizzling on the stove and needs to be attended to.

I grab the sauce out of the microwave. Pour it over the chicken. Go looking for the cheese to top the chicken with and then I hear it.

Fire. Fire. Beep beep beep. There is a Fire. beep beep beep.

The fire alarm in my apartment works, folks. And it’s LOUD. And it talks.

There wasn’t a fire, but the angel hair pasta had burnt to the bottom of the saucepan that I had used (bad choice as in reality, it was too small for so many noodles.)

Boyfriend: Babe, what’s burning.

Me: (in snappy tone. ) NOTHING is burning. (By nothing, I meant nothing that we really needed to eat. I mean, who really needs the noodles at the bottom of the pan?!)

Gertie, bless her, is terrified of the alarm and is cowering.

Boyfriend is trying to turn the frickin’ thing off and open the patio door.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to convince myself that nothing is going wrong as I throw the chicken in the oven and start the broccoli.

Boyfriend grabs the saucepan with the noodles (that I have now gotten the non-burned ones out of and into collinder.)

(By the way, this is all in about 30 seconds of time.)

He takes the stinky pan outside. I continue with the meal and finally plate it.

It was good, but a huge mess and very stressful.

Luckily (for her, not me), Roomie was working late. She returned long after the storm.

I tell her about the fiasco and her response really summed it up:

Wow, that must have been some kind of chicken parm!

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It’s me. Kind of.

See, after my trip, I realized that there was a ton of follow up on top of new projects at work so it’s a bit chaotic in Quirkyville.

Not much time to gather my thoughts, so here are a few random thoughts to leave with you:

  • A coworker just burped and then said she pulled a “me.” I had no idea I had such a reputation.
  • KU lost to MU last night. It was sad, but I had a lot of fun watching it with the boyfriend and gang.
  • Justin and I are arguing about grits on Facebook. He’s anti. I’m pro. Discuss.
  • There was amazing seafood in New England. I want more.
  • I had a “getting old” moment in the hotel one morning around 2:30 a.m. when there were many drunk people being very loud somewhere near my room.
  • On my drive  from Boston to Dublin, NH, I called the boyfriend and stated two facts: A. I want a Jetta and B. I want to live in N.H. Would he join me?
  • The answer to the last question is very personal and confidential. (Of course, he would follow me to the ends of the earth. Wouldn’t you?!)
  • I call him with random things all the time. Like the time I was driving and I saw the Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile. I called him and launched into the “I wish I were an…” song. Then I told him I saw it and hung up.

Hanging up now.

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Hi everyone. This is Gertie.  My mom says she’s too busy to write anything right now. So she left this blog thing in my paws.

 She went to some place called Boston or New England last week. And she smelled a little funny when she got home yesterday. She also had lots of stuff with her — big black things that rolled. She sometimes gets those things out and puts her clothes and shoes (lots of shoes!) in them. They are kind of scary when they roll.

But as far as I can tell, she didn’t cheat on me with other dogs.

Anyhow, I went to this place I go to sometimes. There are lots of animals there. (There’s even a snake!) It has an upstairs AND a downstairs. I like to run up and down the stairs. But the best part is, it’s really more like two houses. Because my best friend, Lily lives at the other house, and she comes over to play all day with me.

Lily taught me how to tug on ropes and sticks with her. I am trying to teach her how to fetch the ball, but she likes it better when she can chase me. There is a hole in the fence in between the two houses and we go back and forth.

Sometimes, we are both at one house and a person calls one of us to come back to the other house, but we don’t like it very much to be separated. So we both come! The people seem to get a little frusterated with that.

Speaking of the people, they are very nice. They let me jump up, but no licks in the face. They also have great food there. I get to try new things like apples!

At night, I am Miss Popularity. See, sometimes my mom doesn’t like me in her bed because I kick her and get hair everywhere, but at this house, EVERYONE wants me in their bed. Sometimes I don’t know whose bed to go to.

There is also a cat there, but I leave him alone. Lily sometimes tackles him and I get to smell him, but he doesn’t act very cat-like so I’m not interested in trying to chase him. Lily has two cats at her house and I would very much like to catch one of them. They are mean to me and one scratched my nose once. (I guess to his credit, I was trying to eat him.)

Also, these people like me so much, I can tell them when I want to go outside to play, even if it’s 5:30 in the morning. I guess Lilly had the same idea on Saturday because she was outside with her mom! Boy, were we excited to see eachother. Then Lily and her mom came over and all the people were up for playtime. On Saturdays, my mom never wants to get up early just to play.


With all that playing and running, I’m worn out. Nap time.

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QoQ v. Bad Betty

Otherwise known as me v. my GPS.

I don’t normally drive with a GPS in my car unless I’m on the road. At that point, it is necessary for Bad Betty to accompany me on my adventures. But she’s very demanding, this Betty. And she likes to watch me squirm.

On a side note, I think Betty would  be a good candidate for therapy due to her codependency.

See, Betty and I are in a bit of an abusive relationship because she loves it when I direct words at her that would merit a PG-13 or even R rating.

Her favorite is when I’ve made what she perceives as a wrong turn. She then screams at me that she must recalculate my route, which I take to be a passive aggressive version of “you screw up. I must now fix your mistake.”

Her second favorite activity is to point me in the right direction only to waive this black and white checkered flag at what she believes is my destination and tell me that I”m arriving at said destination on the right. Only, there is nothing at all on my right. Just a big field or an open parking lot.  She then likes to watch me drive around in circles while I try to figure out how to materialize a building (hopefully a building containing a customer!) out of the space she has identified as “destination.” Meanwhile, she continues to show me what an idiot I am by displaying a virtual replay of my car driving around in circles in never never land looking for said destination.

Betty apparently likes taking me directly through school zones at 3:30 in the afternoon. (Is she trying to tell me something? Because my biological clock is working  just fine, Betty!)

But I shouldn’t really complain about BB. She’s great when it comes to finding a cup o’ Joe in a pinch or locating a Subway in between customer visits.

I start to feel really needy when I try to take my rental car out to dinner without Betty. Is it needy or is it guilty? I don’t know. All I know is I made four wrong turns tonight after dinner and it felt all wrong without Betty’s direction and recalculations. Not to mention that the gas station  attendee was no help at all, and Betty would have at least thrown up a flag in the general direction…


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Automated Response

Queen of Quirky is currently planning to be out of town with limited access to this and other blogs. If your matter  is urgent, please do not hesitate to find me on twitter =======>.

Otherwise, I will be sure to get back with you at the earliest opportunity.

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