red-suitcaseWhat do you pack when you leave your husband?

It’s a question I asked myself one year ago today.

Well, you pack pajama’s and work clothes. (Because you have grand illusions of not falling apart and having to leave the office.)

Today, more than any other day, I mark as the date my marriage ended.(although it wasn’t “official” until June).  I could have picked a number of other dates that followed  -because after February 27, the cards fell like dominoes.

The day I found out about her  (March 4)

The day I filed. (March 7)

The day I moved into my apartment (May 1)

The day I resurfaced on my blog (May 6)

And so on.

But I picked this date because it marks the hardest thing I had ever done. The bag had to be packed. The rest of the milestones were part of the unpacking.

And today is a day I can celebrate how far I’ve come, the inner strength and beauty I found within and the friends and family who helped me along the way.

Because over the course of the past year, I’ve unpacked my bags and I’ve come home.


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6 responses to “Baggage

  1. Congratulations on how far you have come! Sometimes the best things come from tragedy we just don’t know it when we are going through it.

    I’ll have a toast to you tonight and to all the other courageous women I know some have packed there bags to also leave their husbands, others have packed to go get sober, and yet others have packed a bag to battle cancer. Here’s to you! *raising glass of pop (it will be wine later tonight)*

  2. Oh I forgot to add when I read the first line I almost spit my pop all over my computer.

  3. Ha, Stephanie. I’m not responsible for any ruined computer keyboards. 🙂 But thanks for the toast!

  4. Good for you. Making yourself #1 isn’t easy but so worth it. Happy You-Rock-a-versary.

  5. You brought me to tears. You are very brave and I admire the fact you were willing to share for all of those who aren’t as brave. Thank you.

  6. aande

    Yay you! You are doing it! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you via your blog. You are a strong woman!!!

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