Runners who smile

I’m sure I’ve been guilty of it. But to the runner on the other end of that smile, there is something jarring.

Some thoughts that go through my mind when I pass a runner grinning from ear to ear:

  • I have a booger and/or snot dripping from my nose.
  • My dog is having an accident as we run.
  • My shorts are falling down (again.)

I’m sure the runner had good reason to smile today as I passed her twice (I’m not fast. It’s a circle and we were going in opposite directions.) but it unnerved me.

I guess I was just ticked off that there was a runner out there tonight who wasn’t in pain.

Just act like the rest of us miserable schmucks huffing and puffing in mid February. You know, those of us who kind of gave up running for a few months because it was too cold and slick and we would rather curl up with a glass of wine and The Real World or some other mindless crap.

I don’t smile until at least May.



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2 responses to “Runners who smile

  1. enjoyexercise

    I have snot and a smile! haha… I am a musician, working on these trippy guided runner’s tracks and am dying for input!

    They’re brand new and I just got them onto iTunes! I hope the smiling gal can come get one of the tracks and give it a shot. I wanna give them away for free but they’re long and don’t email well. maybe a free podcast? Anyhoo This could help! The tracks are quite entertaining!

    Righ now they’re on iTunes for $3.99 Mary Cary – Enjoy Exercise! Thanx for the great smily post! haha xoxox

  2. aande

    I hate people who actually enjoy exercising.

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