Trust me, it’s better than therapy

I have so many things to tell you, including the announcement of the Valentine’s Day gift from the boyfriend, the tale of the never ending Rent viewing party (Otherwise known as how I played sloppy seconds to Justin who led me to believe I was the first friend he was going to share in watching his copy of the last performance of Rent on Broadway) and reasons why watching a movie in 3-D is not necessarily the best hangover cure.

But I digress. I’m out of time. Totally busy with a list of things to do a mile and a half long. (That reminds me, I need to run tonight…)

So I leave you with a recipe.

Because it’s Monday.

And because one of the work girls had a baby shower today and I made this last night and people said they liked me it.

Queen of Quirky’s It’s Better than Therapy* Spinach Salad

1 large bag of baby Spinach

1 container Feta (I buy the largest one available b/c I love feta and think the more the merrier)

1 cup (or so) of Cherry tomatoes halfed

½ red onion diced


½ cup EVOO (Yes, I said it.)

1 cup balsamic vinegar

1 tablespoon of Italian seasoning (McCormick’s makes one in a grinder that I think really enhances the flavors, but you can just buy the regular kind too.)

Salt/pepper to taste (I go pretty heavy on the pepper and use sea salt)

1 teaspoon garlic (And maybe a pinch more b/c garlic is equal to happiness.)

A little parsley

Pour everything together and whisk or shake or both

Pour over spinach mix and toss shortly before serving.

Note: Leftovers of this salad are divine over linguini. The feta melts in with the dressing to make a rich and lovely sauce. This salad is also good as a meal served in pita pockets. You could spread a little hummus in the pita to make it more interesting.

* I had a therapist who swore by this salad. Not even kidding. I wish I was.



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3 responses to “Trust me, it’s better than therapy

  1. Justin

    EVOO…Wow. I can’t believe you went there. I think you did it just to hurt me.

    Do you people realize that it takes more effort to say “eee vee oh oh” than it does to say “oliveoil”..which almost rolls of the tongue as one word.

    And don’t give me this crap about how EVOO makes it clear that we’re talking about extra virgin olive oil. No self respecting person uses regular olive oil, so the distinction is moot. 🙂

    If she pronounced it as a word “eeevoo,” I could be pursauded to see the light. But she doesn’t.

  2. I really didn’t do it to hurt you. Originally the recipe was an e-mail sent to co-workers and it just seemed funny to type EVOO. Kind of a work inside joke… 🙂 Remember what I do.

  3. aande

    I am sitting here counting the minutes until I can reasonably eat my lunch and that sounds so freaking good. I can’t believe that you called it EVOO.

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