It’s me. Kind of.

See, after my trip, I realized that there was a ton of follow up on top of new projects at work so it’s a bit chaotic in Quirkyville.

Not much time to gather my thoughts, so here are a few random thoughts to leave with you:

  • A coworker just burped and then said she pulled a “me.” I had no idea I had such a reputation.
  • KU lost to MU last night. It was sad, but I had a lot of fun watching it with the boyfriend and gang.
  • Justin and I are arguing about grits on Facebook. He’s anti. I’m pro. Discuss.
  • There was amazing seafood in New England. I want more.
  • I had a “getting old” moment in the hotel one morning around 2:30 a.m. when there were many drunk people being very loud somewhere near my room.
  • On my drive  from Boston to Dublin, NH, I called the boyfriend and stated two facts: A. I want a Jetta and B. I want to live in N.H. Would he join me?
  • The answer to the last question is very personal and confidential. (Of course, he would follow me to the ends of the earth. Wouldn’t you?!)
  • I call him with random things all the time. Like the time I was driving and I saw the Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile. I called him and launched into the “I wish I were an…” song. Then I told him I saw it and hung up.

Hanging up now.

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