I like them. I need them to function.

I’m quite like a two-year-old in that regard.


Stephanie, do you want to go for a run?

Um, not really.

Or, do you want to have thighs full of cellulite from all that cheese you ate the other night.

Um, YES! Sign me up for that run!

See how easy that is? It’s all about perceived value, folks.

Today, I opened up the work freezer. Blech. Frozen mediocrity.

Oooh, but there were multiple options! I had my choice of:

Beans and Rice, Tuna Gratin, a Lean Pocket or Baked Ziti.  I took each box and laid it out on the counter. Now we were talking  a full menu of mediocrity. I paced back and forth debating my selection carefully.

Tuna Gratin it was.

Yum num num.

All of this is to say that I have given a select group of people the choice of whether or not to help me move on Saturday…

(groan. you knew I was going there, didn’t you?)

And so when they show up , I’ll know it was because they chose to. They could be doing anything on Saturday morning: watching T.V., sleeping in, running…but on Saturday morning, they will be there with bells on to lift, push, pull and shove me into my new space.

So, dear readers, I present you a choice:

Do you want to help Stephanie move?


Do you want me to…

I should have mentioned that there is a fine line between a choice and a threat. I may have to rethink this strategy.

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