hey- I’m down here!

The Happy New Year Happy Hour was a success -I got to see all my friends in the New Year and everyone stuck by the rules and brought a bottle of wine $10 or less.

I even managed to cram 10 friends into my apartment at once. I was impressed.

The kicker of the evening was my friend’s son. He’s four. And adorable. Not only did he love Gertie (and her toys), he cracked me up. Every time I brought in new person and started in on the round of introductions, he would get my attention and say, “hey, I’m down here.”

Too stinking cute.

Not to mention that he and Justin had matching shirts on – light pink button downs.

Other highlights included seeing Molly’s ring, sharing crazy people stories(with myself being one of the crazy people), introducing a few people, getting to know roomie a little better and Abigail’s Krabby Wraps. yum, yum!

Thanks ladies (and Justin) for coming!


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