A funny thing happens

When you start talking about moving.

Boyfriends have trips out of town planned.

People suddenly excuse themselves from conversations with you about your pending move lest you solicit their help.

Fathers have to “check their calendars” to see if they can help you.

Look people, I don’t have much to offer for your help, but I can buy beer (for those of a legal age) and I write nice little thank you notes with my cute stationary. Oh, and Gertie gives great kisses.

So if you are free on Saturday, January 24 and want to lend a hand or two, let me know.

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One response to “A funny thing happens

  1. One of my friends has the best rule ever, she won’t ask anyone to help her move because she doesn’t want to every have to move anyone else.

    Spend $300 and pay someone to move you. It’s worth it.

    And if you can’t afford that then you shouldn’t have stuff you can’t move alone (that’s me!).

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