We have a bit of a problem.

Ok, problem may be too strong of a word. Let’s just call it an issue.

Gertie’s issue. With the boyfriend.

She’s jealous. Typically jealousy manifests itself in loud sighs, groans and side glares when we are snuggling and not allowing her to be the center of attention.

But  Little Miss Passive Aggressive has another way of showing her envious side.

She eats his stuff.

Nope, never mine. Just his.

Items that have become victim to Gertie’s  backbiting include various cards, several DVD’s and most recently a few Christmas gifts under a tree. (Note that of all the gifts opened, only one from the boyfriend to me was actually chewed.)

I decided to test the theory that she does specifically target his stuff.

For Christmas, she received an edible dog card from the boyfriend’s mother. I don’t know if she couldn’t figure out that it was for eating, or she didn’t like the smell of it or what, but she wouldn’t touch it. I have been putting it in front of her nose for days. Nothing.

Two nights ago, the boyfriend  showed Gertie that he was handling the card and then he rubbed the card on his shirt.

Yesterday, I returned home from work and the card was gone. It had been eaten.

Case closed.


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  1. aande

    hee! animals are so funny!

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