Another Monday Night Adventure in the Kitchen

I know I still owe you a turkey fiasco post, but the thing is, I’ve already written it and I saved it on my other computer. (I was bored in the car during our road trip.) I meant to post it last night, but I was otherwise distracted by my Monday night project: Oven roasted Chicken with a mushroom demi-glace over white rice. 

And by distracted, I mean trying to manage a counter full of raw chicken breasts, a cutting board full of onion, garlic and rosemary and a glass of red wine while while watching 25 drunk women fling themselves at a guy pretending to be Prince Charming. 

It was stellar.

Oh, and so was the chicken which got the seal  kiss of approval by the boyfriend. Of course, he couldn’t really say anything because he was too busy licking chicken off his fingers because I forgot to hand him a napkin (let’s be honest, paper towel).

I’m certain, he could have gotten up to get one himself, but then he would have missed a second of the riveting television entertainment I was providing.

Oh, don’t feel sorry for him. I didn’t MAKE him watch it. He just knew better than to upset the fine lady bearing hearty home cooking and pouring refills of wine.  He was also very into a very interesting Web site. (Not THAT kind.) It had to do with snippets of uber violent Bible verses — you know, folks hacking off foreskins and acts of that nature. Good stuff. (I can only imagine what sort of random site traffic that statement is going to bring me.)

Oh, and Gertie is back. Apparently she had it out for the boyfriend’s brother’s cat while over at the boyfriend’s family compound (That’s right, the  boyfriend’s parents live next to his brother and wife and his sister lives in their basement. It’s all very Arrested Development. Only no one is in jail.)

I suppose chasing a cat, playing with her BFF Lily and in general being spoiled rotten really wore the pup out because she is WIPED.

And cooking really wore me out, or maybe it was just being back at work after the holidays that did it, because I konked out early. Too early to post about the great turkey fiasco.



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