Live from Chicago (or kind of)

Not really Chicago. More like Skokie. Hit the road with the boys (aka the boyfriend and his gamer buddies) for a free tag-along trip to Chicago.

So far, this trip has involved:

  • Nine hours in the car (we did score an SUV for the price of a compact thanks to Enterprise’s mix-up. Thank you, Enterprise!)
  • The quest for curly fries in nowhere Missouri. And a cashier at Hardee’s who couldn’t do math, despite those fancy cash registers that actually tell you how much change to dispense.
  • A fabulous dinner thanks to my parents’ gift certificate at McCormick & Schmick’s.
  • Drinks in the hotel bar. (Cosmos. Yuuurm.)
  • Rise and shine Saturday morning to drop off the boys.
  • An hour work out in the hotel gym. 
  • Several hours at a nearby mall for some much needed girly time.
  • And drinks late last night after the boys were done.

Now we are ready to hit the road again. Back to KC. Back to life and work and all that good stuff that is not the holidays. 

But next weekend is Fry Fest with the Lunch Bunch. Stay tuned for that, and speaking of Fry Fest,  I owe you the story of the Great Turkey Fiasco of 2008. 

And speaking of stories, I have a doozie.

I’m such a tease.


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