Memory Lane Monday

I thought I’d try a new feature on Queen of Quirky. Memory Lane Mondays. It’s when I will wax poetic about something from my past.

As a tribute to this blog, I thought it would only be fitting to remember what started this journey in the first place – my marathon.

Some never-before-shared facts about that day (you read them here first!):

  • I started my period the morning of the race. While publicly at the time, I blamed the barfing on the Power Aid, I think it’s time to fess up that my upset tummy probably had more to do with hormones than electrolytes.
  • I threw up on the way to the hospital outside the Cashew, a bar in Kansas City. Is it bad that I proudly refer to it as the only time I threw up outside a bar sober?
  • I have never felt more loved than I did crossing the finish line to meet my friends and family. It was a beautiful moment. Thanks to those who stuck with me that day and made it so special.

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