P to the M to the S Quirky Style


It’s unfortunate that girls get a bad rap due to this unavoidable condition. But sometimes you have to call a spade a spade.

I’m calling it.

Last night the following chain of events took place:

  • I had heinous cramps all day, which set me on a rage-fueled after-work shopping expedition.
  • Not that I needed anything, but somehow shopping seemed to be the thing that would cheer me up. (I know, they make programs for that.)
  • But I really don’t need to be spending excess money on myself, so I justified a trip to my local consignment store where I was supposed to be looking for something cute to wear to the boyfriend’s holiday party. But instead I found a darling work skirt/sweater combo. Boo. Now I want it, but I’m trying to use self-control…
  • But just in case I broke down and bought it (I put it on hold for the evening), I wanted to find some tights to match, so I went to Target. Nada. Then Old Navy and Marshalls. Nada. Nada.
  • Now I was obsessed but hungry and irritated at holiday shoppers. So I went to Barnes and Noble to buy a book. But Barnes and Noble is right by the Gap, so I had to run in there to check on tights. Nope. (How hard is it to find cream tights?!)
  • In the process of this, I realized I had no idea what to buy the people on my Christmas list and there was nothing in any of the stores I visited that looked appealing. Grr.
  • Defeated, I went home and made some broccoli.
  • And then took my jolly self to the boyfriend’s where I proceeded to make snarky comments about the video game his roommates were playing, and was overall a grump and a half.

Isn’t being a girl lovely? The good news is that even after all that shopping, I only spent $18 on the book.

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One response to “P to the M to the S Quirky Style

  1. Melissa

    So….what are you wearing to the party?

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