Sweet 16

Today is my little sister’s 16th birthday.

She was born in Ethiopia during my 16th year of life.

In my 21st year of life, at age 5, she joined my family. It’s hard to believe she is 16 now.

The year she was born, I was very busy having my first kiss, learning to drive, hanging out with my friends, being self-involved in my own teenage drama.

Today she is probably kissing boys (but she wouldn’t tell me that, if she was), she is learning to drive, she hangs out with her friends and I’m sure she is wrapped up in high school drama.

There is no gift I could give my sister on her 16th birthday that is more precious than the gift she gave me in my 16th year – her. (Ok, I could give her a niece or nephew, but that isn’t gonna happen this year. Got that?)

And I look forward to the years and milestones in her life to come.


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