I had to visit my own blog today to get my site traffic up to double digits. Pathetic. I know I’ve let my readers down with my lack of blogging. But I’ve been on a very exciting business trip in which your very own heroine:

  • Managed to almost break a hotel window, hanging lamp and her skull while assembling her company’s trade show booth.
  • Had a major argument with her GPS Device (Bad Betty) in which said device almost ended up tossed into a field in rural Northern Illinois.
  • Get lost and then found in Southeast Chicago.
  • Walk a mile to eat a Chicago dog and then be hit up for a street interview by a documentary film crew.
  • Dance with a 22 year-old college student. Then tell said gentleman that he was just precious and that she is very taken, thus dashing his Mrs. Robinson fantasy…
  • Navigate the harrowing streets of downtown Chicago in the rental car and still live to shop (by foot) on Rush street when the day was over.
  • Have sushi (more sake than sushi) with old college friend and then decide that an entire bottle of champagne was necessary to toast to reunited friendship.
  • Run four miles on the lakefront and then walk to dinner and a movie with her cousin and cousin’s boyfriend.
  • Make it home in time to sport awesome Halloween costume and party on down with the boyfriend and friends.


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3 responses to “hi

  1. Ed R

    I’m still here! I demand photos of the look you described in your previous entry AND your halloween costume. Pushy reader aren’t I>

  2. That is quite a bit. I would have spent the whole time sleeping in the hotel room watching HBO.

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